Jun 1, 2012

Uncertain Heart

In 1866 most young women looked forward to getting married and having a family. Sarah McCabe was one of  the minority, who did not. Instead, she couldn't wait to teach music in Chicago. While waiting for the new school year to begin, she takes a position as a governess to four young children.

Sarah meets two men as she works in the Sinclair household. The first is Richard Navis, the handsome steward who helps her find her way to her new home and lends a hand with anything she needs help with. The second is Captain Brian Sinclair himself, a suave handsome man who could offer her the chance at the life she wants to live, a life of luxury.

Step into Sarah's life as she decides which path to take. As she learns that there is more to life than luxury and money.

I received this complementary book from Charisma House in exchange for my honest review.

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