Jul 30, 2012

Spring Hope

Libby is running scared. Her life changed the day her mom died. Suddenly she was thrust into the position of woman-of-the-house, cooking and cleaning for her dad. As she grows older, and her body begins to change into that of a young woman, her dad decides to use her to make money, which he quickly gambles away. Libby finally breaks free, disappearing just as winter is on its last leg. She finds herself in a small town, being rescued by a kind stranger. Little does she know that stranger doesn't want her around.

Cody knows her type. The loose women that flock at the local saloon are always asking for trouble, in his book. He doesn't need to know anything else about her. He just wants her gone, and the other prostitutes in the town he helps care for. As deputy, he feels responsible for this town, and its inhabitants. Little does he know how much he should have stopped to listen, instead of judging her first.

I enjoyed reading, and watching the relationship develop between theses two unsuspecting people. With God's grace and mercy evident throughout the story, this book will keep you hooked, looking forward to the "happily ever after".


I received this complementary book from Charisma, in exchange for my honest review.

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