Jun 19, 2012

Covenant Child

Raised as paupers, Lizzie and Kara had no idea they could have been raised as wealthy princesses. When Amanda, their stepmother and widow of their late father, reaches out to them, they cower in fear, following the advice and stories their maternal grandparents have taught them their entire lives. Amanda leaves, hurt and betrayed, but determined to love the girls, even from a distance.

When the girls are old enough to make decisions for themselves, Amanda reappears in their lives. She gives them the option to live with her and learn how to run the family business, taking hold of their inheritance, the inheritance she has been keeping safe for them all these years. Or they can choose to believe the lies they were told and ignore her.

Terri Blackstock does an excellent job portraying the love and acceptance that God has for us in this book. Jesus has our inheritance, given to us by the Father. He is taking care of it, maintaining it, until the day that we each chose, on our own, to follow Him and quit believing the lies the enemy has been telling us. I enjoyed this book, as a fictionally story and a Christian-lifestyle parallel

I received this complementary eBook from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest review. To purchase this book, please visit ChristianBook.com, where my review is posted. You can also view the book itself on their site.

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