Jun 1, 2012

Prize of My Heart

Drew lives in a loving home with Nathaniel and Lorena Huntley, his father and sister. Or, the people he believes to be his father and his sister. Of course, he is also raised believing that his name is Drew. Until he meets Captain Brogan Talvis, who mistakenly calls him Ben.

For three years Brogan has been searching for his son, who was taken from him as toddler. Brogan's deceased wife disappeared with the child while he was out to sea. He finally finds young Ben, but as he spends time with the Huntley's, he realizes how happy Ben is. Does he take the child from the only family he remembers?

Lorena can't help herself. She is falling for Brogan. She shouldn't. She knows she shouldn't. After all, isn't he here to take Drew from her?

I really enjoyed this book. The author incorporates topics such as love and devotion in a way that makes the reader feel a part of the story.

I received this complementary book from Bethany House in return for my honest review.

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