Jul 31, 2012

The Choice

Only one year after the fated Roe vs. Wade trial, Sandy Lincoln makes a decision that will change her life forever. When the love of her life, the baby's father, refuses to marry her if she will not have an abortion, she leaves her hometown to stay in Atlanta with her Aunt Linda.

Weekdays she attends school, and weekends she travels home to be with her family. On one trip back to Atlanta she stops at a local convenience store. There she meets a woman who warns her of the child she carries. Or, make that children. In a time before sonograms were widely used, this woman predicts that Sandy will give birth to twins. And that she should do what she can to keep them apart. Sandy doesn't have time to process and question what she is told before the woman is suddenly out the door and gone. That one stop set into motion a choice that ripples and changes what could have happened.

Years later, Sandy is presented with a dilemma. One of her students is pregnant and Sandy begins talking the the Spanish-speaking teenager, encouraging her to do what is best for the baby. Meanwhile the school counselor is talking to the girl about doing what seems best for her. The Roe vs Wade trial comes full circle, giving another teenage girl the option to abort her child, refusing it the chance at life.

When Sandy chooses to give up on the teenager and her baby she finds herself in the middle of a court battle, fighting against a pro-choice organization. In the process she meets a young man that could quite possibly be her son, one of the twins she gave birth to so many years ago.

I received this excellent eBook in exchange for my honest review from Thomas Nelson.

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