Jun 18, 2012

Not this time

As the third book in a series, I expected to feel a sense of loss as I read Not This Time, since I had not read the other two books. But this wasn't the case. Vivki Hinze does an excellent job telling the story without losing the reader by referencing the previous books. That isn't to say the former stories are not referred to. This book is built upon the other two, but is easily read as a stand alone book.

Beth knows what NINA, a feared terrorist group, can do. She has seen it first hand. And yet she faces them once more, only closer to home. Her best friend Sara, whom she relates to as a sister, has been threatened and Beth doesn't know what to do to help. Of course, it would be easier to help if Sara would tell her what is going on. But she won't. Sara clams up, saying it is safer for Beth if she doesn't know.

Beth relies heavily on her friend Joe, of the FBI. He has been there with her through previous altercations with NINA and she knows she can trust him. But, can she love him? As Beth turns to Joe for support, she also finds that she is faced with the task of searching her heart to discover if she can let go of a failed relationship from the past and learn to love again.

This page-turning novel will have you caught until you reach the last page and everyone is.... well, I'll let you find that out for yourself.

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