Jun 20, 2012

Annie's Truth

Adoptions happen all the time. Some people grow up knowing they were adopted, some don't. Adoptions are not always particular, the adopted child is sometimes raised in a different culture than their birth parent's were raised in. This is the case with Annie Beiler.

Annie was raised Amish. It's all she knew. It's all she wanted to know. Until the day she found out she was adopted. Her daed found her in a field, as an infant. He and his wife took her in and raised her as their own. She became the first in a line of children, all raised the same way. Once Annie found out she was adopted, her life changed, altered somehow. She left her Amish family and started a journey of self-discovery, to find the truth in her past, present, and future.

Annie's truth, and her search to find it, caused division in her life and with her family and friends. But as she learns to accept who she is, she finds that the truth she seeks has been right there all along.

I received this complementary book from Charisma House in exchange for my honest review.

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