Apr 25, 2012

In Too Deep

Widow with two young children, no home and no income, needing support. * Single ranch owner, no kids, and not looking for a wife. * And somehow they end up together.

I enjoyed reading about Ethan learning to conquer his fears and Audra learning to love someone. The stories of Seth and the trials he has had to face, and the joys that Rafe and Julia have, starting out a new life together. But I did feel lost, not knowing what happened to Audra's first husband or how she and Julia were related. It took me a while to learn things that happened in book one, things I would already know, had I started there.

This book was exceptionally written, but not as a stand-alone book. You have to read book #1, Out of Control, first to completely grasp the story line in book #2.


I received this complementary book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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