Apr 24, 2012

The Beauty Book

I review books for Thomas Nelson Publishers. In exchange for each review, they let me keep the book, free of charge. Sometimes I pick books that I think my kids will enjoy. This time, I had my nine-year-old daughter in mind when I picked The Beauty Book.

Girls are starting to develop earlier and earlier. My ten-year-old niece has already started puberty. My girls aren't too far behind. And the thought almost terrifies me. How do I convince my child that she is beautiful, no matter what others say? How do I know what to say when she wants to try out the newest trends, the ones I don't want her to try out? Shaving, skin care, hair care, pimples, bra sizes, nail care.... there is so much!

When I began reading through The Beauty Book, my first impression was "Now here's a book that can help". This book has it all. It covers the shaving, skin care, hair care, etc. It helps a girl realize that she is beautiful, just the way she is.

Each chapter has questions and answers, 'Check yourself out' (where the girl studies her own body and answers questions about herself), 'How is this a God thing?' (scriptures that correlate to the chapter topic), 'Talking to God about it' (a helpful start to praying, to talking to God), and a Lily Pad where the girl can write a few thoughts.

I look forward to sharing this book with my daughter as she grows and develops into the beauty that God created.

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