May 1, 2012

Arms of Love

The death of a loved one causes people to react in many different ways. When his mother dies, ten-year-old John Yoder reacted in the only way his young mind could fathom, anger. His little sister Abby looked for comfort. Their father, who was in jail when his wife died, accepted the loss as God's will.

But Lena wasn't sure how to react. Her father was in jail. Her mother died giving birth. And her baby sister would also die if she didn't find a wet nurse soon.

Adam Wyse wants to be a comfort to Lena. But before her death Mary, Lena's mother, made him promise to let Lena go; he promised not to marry her until he was able to deal with the burden he carried. Only, how would he get rid of a burden, when he didn't even understand its origin?

When Lena realizes that Adam has no plans to marry her, she decides to marry for convience rather than love. And Adam can do nothing to stop her.

Arms of Love takes place when the Amish were still new to the Lancaster area. They were judged and ridiculed. Samuel Yoder is imprisoned for not allowing the Patriots to take his last cow, his only way of offering milk to his children. In a time of unrest and of war, the Amish faith was tried and tested. Some young Amish men left their families and their faith to enlist and fight the British.

It was an interesting perspective, as most of the Amish books I have read take place in current times. I chuckled to read how much the Amish were the minority in an area that is now known as "Amish country", Lancaster, Penn.

I give this book two thumbs up and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Amish fiction, or historical fiction.

I received this complementary eBook from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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