Aug 11, 2011

Who are these kids?!?!?

I am very proud of the fact that my children are well behaved. I have been around a lot of kids... some not so well behaved, if you know what I mean. My kids get compliments occasionally when we are out in public (store, fast food, whatever) that they are very well behaved. And yes, it makes me feel great.

But recently, the "other side" has reared it's ugly head. And it makes me wonder...

Who are these kids?

I really want my well behaved kids back. You know, the ones that ask before they take something from someone. The ones who say "excuse me" when they want to say something to me while I am on the phone. The ones who look out for each other.

My kids are 10 (boy), 8 (girl), and 7 (girl). (Sorry, I don't know the initals most people use.. what is DD again?) I guess they are at the age when they start asserting themselves more often. But do they have to assert themselves at the same time?!?! And I suppose they are bored.. I mean, school doesn't start for another 5 days. But, they have had a pretty busy summer.

So, I stand back, shake my head, and hope that these kids will leave soon and my kids will return. I have taught them to be more self-sufficient. They can get themselves something to drink, they can take a shower on their own, they can even make a simple lunch themselves. I guess I must have missed the lesson on "You can treat others with respect". Thought I covered that one... hmm, guess it's time for the refresher course.

Anyway, I just had to share my own experiance, and ask... If you've seen my kids, can you send them back to me? You can have the ones I've got. Thanks!

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