Mar 17, 2010

Lice - nasty little buggers

Have you ever had lice? Or worse yet, have you ever had a child with lice? It is an experience I do not wish to repeat!

When the school nurse called me last Friday, I wasn't sure what to expect. She informed me that my 6 year old daughter was in her office. I ran through the usual checklist in my mind... fever, throwing up, diarrhea, hmm what could it be. Then she said the word. The one I did not want to hear.... lice. I told her she could tell me it was fever, or even throwing up. That I could handle. But lice? Even the thought sends me into a panic, scratching everywhere (not just my head).

So, I get her from school, and treat her. And check her. And treat her again. And check her again. And today, Wednesday, I take her back to school. Only to bring her back home. And check her. And treat her. And hope to try again tomorrow.

Webster's dictionary says that lice (plural for louse) is "any of various small wingless usually flattened insects parasitic on warm-blooded animals." The definition for head louse is ": a sucking louse that lives on the human scalp". Yeah, okay. That sums it up... not! 

It is more than just a parasite bug, it is a lice shampoo-resistant, stubborn, disgusting little bug that is wrecking havoc in my life! The slang for the word louse is "a contemptible person, esp. and unethical one". Yeah, that sums it up better. A contemptible, unethical parasite feeding on the scalp of a person. 

So, wish me luck. And I will all of you luck if and when you run into these nasty buggers. I'm off to de-louse my child.

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