Dec 29, 2009

"Seeing His Love in Your Life"

I am really enjoying "Jesus Lives" by Sarah Young. I've honestly never really been a devotional book reader. In fact, I am still working on trying to fit it into my daily routine. But this book is great. This book is a companion to the previously released "Jesus Calling", also by Sarah Young.

For each topic listed, Sarah has expounded on scripture, bringing it to a level of understanding that almost anyone can grasp, teenager to mature adult.

The author has designed this book so that the reader can choose to read through the book daily, or select a topic listed in the contents. Once the book has been opened to the selected page, the left page has the title of the topic, and the author's interpretation/ inspiration of the scriptures that are listed on the facing page. Sarah's message of the Gospel is presented in a captivating manner, strong, yet caring, as if God Himself was writing the words.

I would strongly recommend this book to others, especially those needing a little more in their daily devotionals.

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