Jun 25, 2012

Through Rushing Water

Sophia has big plans. She wants to make a difference in the world and from her perspective the path is clear. She is going to marry a congressman and fulfill her destiny by working alongside him. But her perspective changes when the congressman proposes to another young lady.

Instead, Sophia finds herself in Dakota territory teaching Indian children. What starts out as a trial turns into a blessing. And Sophia's pleas to God for a different teaching post turn to pleas for shoes and clothing for the people she has fallen in love with.

Until Sophia sees the big picture, she doesn't realize how much of a difference she is making in the world, especially to those around her. With her letters to congressmen and lawmakers pleading for better treatment of the Indians and her tender touch to those who need her, Sophia plants seeds that will grow to fruition long after she has left the Dakotas.

I enjoyed reading this book and following along in Sophia's journey. While playing in the water with her new friends, Sophia finds herself almost paralyzed by the water rushing past her. Will, a good friend and local carpenter, tells her to ignore the rushing water. Sophia uses that advice throughout her days, ignoring the persistent problems rushing by and focusing on the goal.

I received this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review.

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