May 29, 2012

Wildflowers from Winter

When Bethany left Peaks Iowa to go to college, she didn't look back. She eventually took a job with an architectural firm, beginning to live her dream. When her childhood friend needs her, she reluctantly returns to her hometown. When she arrives at her grandfather's farm she meets Evan, Grandpa Dan's farm help. Although, the relationship between Dan and Evan is more pronounced, and seeming more like Grandfather/grandson, after Dan passes away and leave the farmhouse to Evan. The fields, he leaves to Bethany. Now Bethany has to choose. Sell the farmland and leave Peaks, again. Or keep the farm and learn to be happy as a farm girl.

My review:
It took me a bit to get into Wildflowers from Winter. But once I got past the initial "meet the characters", I was interested enough to keep reading. Katie Ganshert does a good job portraying Bethany, and expressing her feelings and emotions. The reader actually feels like a part of the story.

Pain, heartache, loss, depression, joy, life, forgiveness. Life's challenges and pitfalls side together with joys and happiness in this wonderful fiction story.

I received this complementary book in return for my honest review from Waterbrook Publishers.

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