Apr 19, 2012


Lizzie returns to Kingdom, Kansas unsure of how welcoming the town will be. But after she is wrongly accused, she chooses to run from her problems, and return to her childhood home. She quickly finds out that not everyone is like her dad; some people actually welcome her back home.

Noah is glad to see Lizzie again. He always liked the sweet girl. And he is quickly finding out how much he still cares for her. As their friendship rekindles, Lizzie learns to trust again. But how far can she trust him?

The stalker that was harassing Lizzie in the city has also moved to Kingdom. She doesn't know how he found her, who he is, or what he wants. She only knows that she has no where else to go. There is no escape.


Having never really read a book whose characters were solely Mennonites, I had a hard time getting into this one. I typically read the Amish fiction ones. But, once I read more about Lizzie's life and started wondering who the stalker was... well, I got hooked. I have already referred this book to others, telling them how much I enjoyed it.

I received this book from Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.

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