Jul 1, 2008

Make Advertising Fun

Have you ever been given a business card and it looks very familiar? Maybe you've seen one like it before, but from another company, maybe another small business? Many small businesses use the same companies to create their business cards and letterheads. With limited choices on design, these same small companies end up with business cards that look alike.

Not anymore! With GigglePrint, you can have a whole new, fresh set of designs, right at your fingertips!
They offer business cards, magnets, stamps, letterheads, and more.

When researching this site, I did a price comparison between GigglePrint and a leading small business online printing company. The pricing is very comparable. So, maybe it's time to try out the new kid on the block. They do offer free business cards to first time customers. Next time you are in need of a new way to promote your small business, check out GigglePrint.

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