Jan 3, 2008

Christmas is over, is Christ packed away too?

Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature was thankful, not even a mouse.
The stockings were emptied, the candy all eaten
the once live Christmas tree now thoroughly beaten.

The children were bouncing around with glee,
exclaiming over each new toy happily.
And momma rocking junior, glad it's all over,
and dad in his chair, already tired of hearing Grover.

Once again time to pack away all Christmas cheer,
until this time comes again next year.
The house in disorder shall soon be righted,
once junior decides bedtime's been sighted.

The ornaments removed, each packed in it's place,
the tree taken down, leaving empty space.
Children scamper away, hoping to only play,
Leaving mom and dad to do the cleanup this day.

Dad walks outside, surveying the yard,
thinking, 'putting this up wasn't this hard.'
Santa and reindeer deflate to a pile,
lights removed from roofing tile.

Where wrapping paper was shredded,
mom seems to be headed,
for cleaning up the messes,
everyone knows moms are the bestest.

And finally the scene, oh holy last night,
gets packed away, once again out of sight.
Precious baby Jesus, all swaddled in foam,
is tucked away in His new home.

But, does anyway thank Jesus for the treasures they hold,
For the dear baby given, as angels foretold?
Does anyone remember what He gave to us?
His life for our own, that's something to discuss.

Let's not forget, as the days pass us by,
the reason we sing "O Holy Night".
The dear baby boy, born long ago,
who died on the cross so that we may know

the saving grace of a King, given to every man,
to know the salvation that is at hand.
To accept Jesus Christ, as Savior to all
and make Him your King, that isn't so small.

So please remember, the reason we sing
The message behind each bell that rings
In joyful worship to the newborn King
Oh Savior, Messiah, our praises we bring.

Written by: Cynthia Dyer

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