Jul 11, 2012

A Simple Autumn

The third book in The Seasons of Lancaster County Series, this book follows the story of the King family. Jonah King, also known as the Quiet One, is learning how to express himself and talk about how he feels. His love for Annie hasn't diminished over the years, even though she never knew it.

At the same time Gabe King is wanting the best of both worlds. Still in his rumspringa, running around years, he enjoys riding on motorbikes. His love for Elsie is also growing stronger and he wants to marry her. He doesn't plan to leave the faith, but he is not ready to give up the motorbikes.

Many times Amish stories seem similar. Some stories seem to go a bit farther and stretch what would really happen in an Amish home. But this book takes the reader into the home of an Amish family. You see the struggles and the joys of each choice that is made, each day that goes by. I enjoyed following the King family in this book.


I received this complementary E-book from Edelweiss in return for my honest review.

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