Apr 2, 2012

The Sacred Path of Tears

Mokee is a young Cheyenne Indian that lives in a war torn land. Her days of childish innocence soon end when she takes a ride with her best friend Tovee. While they are gone, they hear a screaming coming from one of the nearby Cheyenne camps. White soldiers are attacking the Indians and slaughtering everyone. Mokee and Tovee ride out to warn the other Cheyenne camps in the area. After three days, everyone is warned and they suddenly realize that they are alone. Their families have packed up and left for safer grounds.

The two friends journey across Kansas and stumble upon a barn where they quickly fall asleep. The owners find them the next morning. Mokee recognizes right away that Catherine, the white settler, isn't out to hurt them. Tovee grudgingly accepts their hospitality as well.

From the moment Mokee laid down to sleep in that barn, her life changed dramatically.

I decided to give M.B. Tosi a try, having never read any of her books. I enjoyed The Sacred Path of Tears. Tosi does a fine job of blending fact with fiction. She creates scenes for her characters in which they fit into the real history of our country. Instead of sounding like a history book, Tosi makes the past come alive in her retelling of the wars between the Indians and the soldiers.

I received this complementary eBook in exchange for my honest review from Thomas Nelson publishers.

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