Feb 21, 2012

The Lightlings

People tend to understand life lessons in different ways. One way of learning is through stories. Jesus used this method often in His teaching; we call them the parables. Stories take the lesson itself and simplify it, making it easier to understand. R.C. Sproul takes the stories of Creation, the Fall of Man, and the Redemption of Christ and forms them into a unique story that children of all ages can understand.

Little Charlie Cobb was afraid of the dark. He had to have His night light on every night, just to be able to sleep. He wonders why he is so terrified. After all, what is there to be afraid of? His mother tells him to ask Grandpa the next day. Grandpa answers his question with a story.

He tells Charlie about a great king, the King of Light who created the lightlings. The lightlings loved living in the light the sun gave off. All too soon the lightlings began doing what they wanted instead of what the King wanted and they became afraid of the light. So they hid. The story goes on to explain the difficulties the lightlings had, living in the dark, until one day a new light shown, brighter than the sun. Some lightlings went to follow the new light, some chose to live in fear of it.

The pictures in this story make it come alive; they are so real you actually feel like you are right there with the lightlings. The author has also included a parent's guide with questions and scriptural references to help guide children into understanding the spiritual truths behind The Lightlings.

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