Jul 29, 2011

Only You, Sierra

As a teen, I used to read the Christy Miller series from Robin Jones Gunn. So, naturally, I was interested in the Sierra Jensen series when they became available. Now I am excited about helping review these wonderful books for the next generation of young people.

 Only You, Sierra was a wonderful look into the life of a young Christian girl. Sierra has just arrived home from a missions trip to England. Only, "home" isn't where it was. While she was overseas, her parents changed states, choosing to move in with her grandmother, who is suffering from memory loss. Sierra faces many changes, exceeding the usual jet lag. She now has a new house, new room (where she couldn't even pick where she wanted her bed), new school, new friends. How can she possibly keep it all straight?

 As we step into Sierra's life we see that the changes she faces so come with a bit of stress. But, by relying on God and talking to her family, she is able to come out ahead. 


I received this book free in return for my honest review.

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