Jun 13, 2011

A Vision of Lucy

Lucy is an inquisitive young woman with a pension for getting herself in trouble. While trying to photograph the elusive white stallion outside of town, she falls out of a tree and lands on a stagecoach, causing the horses to bolt. While trying to help an injured man, she startles her friend, who then knocks over the oil lamp, setting fire to the church. But this doesn't stop her from asking the important questions.

Who exactly is David Wolf?
What secrets is he hiding?
Where is he from?
When is he leaving?
Why is he even in Rocky Creek?
How can she get him to tell her the truth?

David has questions of his own.

Who are the men that sent him down the rapids as a child?
What happened to the wooden box that was taken from him on that day?
Where is the wooden box being kept?
When will people accept him, a half-breed?
Why does Lucy seem to accept him, regardless of his Indian blood?
How can he get her to quit talking so much?

As Lucy and David search for the answers to their questions, they learn things they would have preferred not knowing. They have to learn how to forgive and go on with life, leaning on God for peace.

My review:
I enjoyed this book. It has a little bit of everything. A bit of intrigue, a little mystery, a smidgen of danger, and a passel of romance.

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