May 17, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour - The Ale Boy's Feast

I honestly wasn't sure about this book when I requested it. And I was even more unsure of it once I started reading it. But then I had to take a mental step back. This is the fourth book in a series about Auralia's colors. Auralia has brought colors into a normally drab world. This series tells what happens once the colors are introduced. Reading this as a stand-alone book is definitely not a recommendation.

Aside from the fact that I have only read The Ale Boy's Feast and don't understand the rest of the storyline, the author does an excellent job creating an atmosphere for his story. You can actually see the characters Jeffery Overstreet has created. He has a gift for the imaginary. There are creatures in this book that I would have never even dreamed of, much less been able to describe.

Like anxious road-sweepers, dust columns whirled between the purple dunes, brushing bones, branches, and snakeskins aside in their hurry. The muskgrazers, shaggy as haystacks, ignored the whirlwinds. They hung their hairy heads and thrust curly, sinuous tongues into the grit, probing for burrowbirds and redthislte bulbs. After the dust phantoms passed, the cattle shook clouds of debris from their golden hair.

You can actually see the muskgrazers out there, standing in the middle of a dust storm. The entire book is filled with descriptive phrases to give you a feeling that you are there, that you are a participant in the story.

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. 

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Hello! I really like your review! Overstreet's books are favorites of mine!

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