Mar 22, 2011

Csff Tour: The Resurrection (day 2)

For day 2 of this blog tour, I would like to introduce Reverend Ian Clark. This man is just your typical run-of-the-mill minister. He joined the ministry with a passion to serve Christ. But somewhere along the path, life took a turn. I'm sure it felt something like traveling along a straight road, doing somewhere around 60 miles per hour, when suddenly there is a hairpin curve, and you don't have time to slow down. Many of us have felt that. We have been traveling life's road, pleasant as can be, when we are suddenly thrown for a loop. Life changes, and we don't know what to do next. For Reverend Clark, it was the death of his sister.

What do we do when life throws us a curve? Do we sink into a pit of despair, looking for hope yet refusing the hand that reaches for us? Or do we turn to God, the creator, the author of our faith? The easy choice, unfortunately, is to sink. And that's exactly what Ian Clark did. Once his sister passed away, he let things slide. His marriage eventually failed, and he felt like he just wasn't cut out for the ministry anymore. So, he looked for a nice quiet place to serve, where people wouldn't ask much of him. And he ended up in Stonetree.

Yet, Ian Clark failed to remember one important fact. God knows us. He knows our private, most intimate thoughts. And He knows what we are capable of, if given the right opportunity. So here, Reverend Clark is put into a position where he has to decide. What will he do about this resurrection? One of his own parishioners raised a boy from the dead. Would he sweep it under the rug? Consider it a once-in-a-lifetime, won't ever happen again, kind of a thing? Or will he explore, dig deeper, look for the truth?

What would you do?


 In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. 

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