Jan 11, 2011

A ring with a remarkable past

Lady in Waiting is an excellent book. It is actually two stories in one. First you have Jane who runs her great-aunt's antique store. She is facing problems in her life, and is unsure of what to do. She comes across a ring, a very beautiful, very old ring. And she wants to know more. Where did the ring come from? Who owned it? Why does it seem that the ring was never worn? And most importantly, why is her name inscribed on the inside?

Then you have Lucy, seamstress to Lady Jane Grey. When Lucy meets Lady Jane, the lady is only 11 years old. Since Lucy herself is still young, they form a bond, a friendship only slightly hindered by their differences in status. Lady Jane confides in Lucy, shares her inner-most secrets. The two remain friends, even when life drifts them apart.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially to those that like historical fiction.

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